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Booh gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies
2 girls and 1 boy
updates later…………


Amsterdam Winner Show
Had such an awesome day at The Amsterdam Winner show..
To sum things up Margret Veigarsdottir and I got together 7 Winner titles,
2 best of breeds, 2 Junior Best of Breeds and a BIS Puppy 2!!!!!
Russian Toy longhair –
Semicvetik Tsezat Winner ’12,
Tsarskaya Pechat Shabli Chhernaya Reeria (or known as Heks) Juniorwinster and Winster ’12 BOB
owner Carine Rutten
Chihuahuas –
Helmiäisen Tuff Words Junior Winner + Winner ’12 + Junior BOB.
Kristy’s Pride Carrie Bradshaw Junior Winster’12 + Junior BOB owner Athena Mesu Danny Teunissen.
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones 3 ex.
Papilon- shown by Margret,
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire Winner ’12 BOB.
Bichon Frise –
Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka Best Puppy in Breed and BIS Puppy 2!!
owner Madalina Popa
shown by margret,
groomed by me

Kortrijk Dogshow
dwarf poodle silver
Breed specialist judge Mr. J-F Vanaken, Belgium.
Multi Ch. Silver Tiger-Eye vom Orechers Hof cac cacib best of breed


Bleiswijk Dogshow
Judge Mr. Jungblut, Germany
Helmiäisen Tuff Words, 1 ex Junior CAC & CAC Best Male & Best of Breed
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones 1 ex Junior CAC
Later on Tuff went on to win 4th place in the toy group!

Russian Toy longhair –
Tsarskaya Pechat Shabli Chhernaya Reeria (or known as Heks) 1ex junior cac & cac & BOB
owner Carine Rutten

Dutch Chihuahua Specialty
Judge Wilma Weijmans, NL smoothcoats
Helmiäisen Tuff Words, 1ex, junior cac, double cac & Best of Breed.
Judge Mrv. Stuifberg-Hoetjes, NL longcoats
Kristy’s Pride Marc Darcy, 3 vg
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones, 2 ex
Kristy’s Pride Charlotte York, 3 ex

Leuven dogshow
Multi Ch. Silver Tiger-Eye vom Orechers Hof cac cacib & bob
under judge Robert Blümel
owner Marieke Koelemeijer


Charleroi dogshow…
Multi Ch. Silver Tiger-Eye vom Orechers Hof cac cacib best of breed
under breed judge Mr. Zeferino da Silva from Portugal….
first time out with me!

At the Nat. Dogshow in Zwolle!!!
Helmiäisen Tuff Words Junior CAC, CAC & BOB
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones Junior CAC, CAC & BOS
Bridget’s first time in Juniors!!
Such an Awesome weekend

At the Int. Dogshow in Maastricht!!!
Helmiäisen Tuff Words Junior CAC, CAC & BOB
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones 1Very Promising Best Puppy Of Breed
And 4th Best Puppy In Show!!!!!!
Such an Awesome weekend


Flo whelped her babies on sunday evening.
She gave birth to 4 puppies but unfortunatly 2 boys where born dead.
The 2 girl are doing great!!!!


We are waiting for Flo to have her puppies, look how big she is!!!

We had the international Dogshow in Luxembourg!
Judge Mr Jean-Francoise Vanacken Belgium
Helmiäisen Tuff Words 2 exl in Junior Class
Kristy’s Pride Marc Darcy Best puppy of Breed

Great weekend at the International Dogshow Rotterdam!!!
Judge Erwin Manders The Netherlands
Helmiäisen Tuff Words 2 ex in Junior Class

Kristy’s Pride Marc Darcy 1 Very Promising in Puppy Class Best Puppy Male
Kristy’s Pride Bridget Jones 1 Very Promising & Best Puppy in Breed
Beat her own brother 😉
Later the day Bridget had to go into the puppy group and won Best Puppy In Show!!!!!
Best Puppy In Show judge Mr Karel Horzak!!


Published the new breedstandard with comments to the standard of the well known
breed specialist Mr. Francesco Cochetti, Italy.
Francesco is a well respected breeder and judge, who knows the breed very well.
This is something everyone needs to read and understand the breedstandard.

Heb net de nieuwe rasstandaard gepubliseerd op mijn website met commetaar van de bekende
rasspecialist Mr. Francesco Cochetti, Italie.
Francesco is een gerespecteerde fokker en keurmeester die het ras heel goed ken en weet wat hij wil zien.
Zijn commetaar op de rasstandaard is iets om goed te lezen en te begrijpen.

New breed standard with Mr. Francesco Cochetti comment


I would like to introduce to you my new leasing male at my kennel
Helmiäisen Tuff Words
f: Misty MEadow’s Tuff Enuff
m: Helmiäisen Fly Baby Fly
breeder & owner: Merja Kahelin

I cant wait to see what he will bring me in my kennel
Thank you Merja for trusting me with this beautiful male.


We have had not so nice time this past month with mothers losing their whole litters
and trying to get them back to their old self again.
We have had out vacation aswell spending time with our dogs and taking some nice pictures.
You casn see the new pictures by the dogs on their page and also on Facebook with their albums.

We hebben een rot tijd achter de rug met moeders die hun nesten hebben verloren en
ze weer proberen terug naar huneigen zelfverzekerde zelf te krijgen.
We hebben tijdens de vakantie lekker van de honden genoten en ze alle aandacht gegeven.
We hebben enorm veel fotos gemaakt van de honden. De fotos zijn te zien op hun pagina en ook in hun fotoalbums op Facebook.


Int. National Dogshow Hulten,the Netherlands
Chihuahua Langhaar
Kristy’s Pride Charlotte York, 1Very Promising Best Baby in Breed
Kristy’s Pride Miranda Hobbs 2 Very Promising.
owner & handlers Petra & Rachel Rengers The Netherlands


Int. National Dogshow Arnhem the Netherlands
Dwarf Poodle AnnaMariaDorindaWhiteRamona
owner: Ria Rullens-De Pre


Int. National Dogshow Arnhem the Netherlands
Italian Greyhound BISS Winner Caeles Time To Go


Sighthound Speciality Munster, Germany.
11 IGs entered, judge Mrs B. Novac
Italian Greyhound Caeles Time To Go
Exc1, CAC, VDH, BOB, Landenssieger NRW-12
and finally BEST IN SHOW !!!
owner: Margret Veigarsdottir


new pictures of Cecilia’s litter
all Girls
father Multi Ch. Misty Meadow’s Daffy Duck
mother Kristy’s Pride Modern World


We made some pictures of Bonny’s puppies
father Sweet Indeed SkyDancer
mother Kristy’s Pride Mary Goodnight


Int. Dogshow Eindhoven NL,
judge Mrs. Assenmacher Germany
Best of Breed with Italian Greyhound
Ch. Caeles How U Doing
cac cacib
owner Margret Veigarsdottir


Phoebe gave birth to 3 puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls.
but 1 girl is very small and is on the bottle, I hope all goes well.


Today at the Openshow in Waalwijk Sabine my 12 year old smooth female got Best of Breed 
and best Veteran in breed, she showed her heart out.Later on she gone thru to 
5th best of Veteran in show!! 
Multi Ch. Misty Meadow's Daffy Duck ended his show career with Best of breed 
and 3rd in Group under the respected breed specialist Mr.Francesco Cochetti  from Italy. 
I gave Francesco the honour to end Daffy's show career by entering under him. 
Thank you Francesco,Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti Bobbie Andersen by giving me this wonderful dog. 
He means a lot to me in my breeding and also showing..
Daffy will help me train his kids and grandkids for the show.. 
Thank you!!


Celicia gave birth to 4 beautiful 

little girls


Bonny gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies, 

4 males and 1 female


Launched my new website