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I was born and raised with chihuahuas, my mother breeds chihuahuas under the affix Desierto Del Perro. I started to attend dogshows at the age of 8 years, my mom showed her chihuahaus and as we went more often I started to show them as well. As I got more and more interested in handling dogs I started showing other breeds. When I got old enough I started with the Junior Handling competition and after a couple of years I was very successful with all kinds of breeds. I had a lot of wins ; 2 times Dutch finals, went to Crufts twice, became first at the European show in Dortmund and Best overall at the world dog show in Bern, Switzerland. Besides all this I had many wins in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Monaco.

At the age of 17, I went to the United States to work for a poodle handler called Paul Edwards. Learned lots from him about poodles and how to groom them. After 6 months working for him I went to work for a handler called Elaine Mitchell in Canada. I worked for her for 10 months and got a lot of experience on other breeds: Bichons, Cavaliers, Giant Schnauzers and Poodles. After that I started working for Shaunna Bernardin. She is a poodle breeder and an all breed handler. From her I learned a lot about grooming dogs and handling to perfection,still ever thankfull for that.

In 1997 I came back home to live in The Netherlands and started my own live. I met my partner Wilco and he fell in love with the Chihuahua as well. He is now my partner for life as well as my helping hand in breeding. We started breeding in 2003 with some dogs from my mother’s kennel and imported a male from Amerika, BK’s kennel. Now I am building up my own lines, trying to keep the chihuahua as they should be in my eyes and keeping the breed healthy. I have been in chihuahuas for over 20 years and know the breeds’ ins and outs. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted and which type I wanted to breed and have. The most important features in a Chihuahua for me are health, construction, type and caracter, and this is what I want to improve through my breeding.

With long reseach I ended up in Italy at Misty Meadow’s Chihuahua kennel by Francesco & Tuula Cochetti. In my eyes they breed sound good type healthy chihuahuas and know the breed inside and out. I am ever greatfull for all the help and succes they have given me thru out the years. Francesco is my mentor in Chihuahuas and Dogs and Tuula is a breeder I admire. Thank you for everything!!!!

I only breed for serious pet owners and breeders that treat the breed with respect. I do not sell to people who want to give a chihuahua as a birthday present and I do not sell to puppy mills or puppy farmers. I do breed with pedigree from the Dutch kennel club which is connected to the FCI.

Additionally I handle other breeds as an out of control hobby. As I do not have big dogs, this way I can still have all kinds of breeds. I show all breeds from smooth to long coated, from small to very big breeds.

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