Males who have been here and mean a lot to me and in my breeding

elvisCh. Chiboel’s Hollywood Look Out Elvis
born: 26-06-2011
f: Lionheart Look Out
m: La Chighana Hollywood Diva
owner: Dorthe Lind-Rasmussen, Denmark
Luxenbourg, Dutch, International
ClubWinner ’14, Benelux Winner NL’14, Benelux Winner ’14 Lux
Elvis Pedigree

Misty Meadow's Christmas Storm

Misty Meadow’s Christmas Storm

Misty Meadow’s Christmas Storm
born 24-12-2012
f:Misty Meadow’s Stormin Norman
m: Misty Meadow’s La Traviata
breeder Tuula Lehtine-Cochetti
owner Anne-Catharina Rohl
Stormi pedigree

HelmiäisenTuffwordsHelmiäisen Tuff Words
born: 26-06-2011
f: Misty Meadow’s Tuff Enuff
m: Helmiäisen Fly Baby Fly
owner: Merja Kahelin, Finland
Dutch Junior Ch., Amst Junior Winner’12,
Amst Winner’12, ClubWinner’12
Tuff’s Pedigree

Misty Meadow’s Stormin Norman
f: GB Ch. Dorentys Nokumded Norman
m: Misty Meadow’s Sing’N’Play
owner: Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti

Stormy’s pedigree

Misty Meadow’s Jungle Storm Via Ballybroke
born 13-3-2009
f: Leander Stormbreaker with Ballybrook
m: Misty Meadow’s Jungle Swing
owner Graham Foot, Ballybrook kennel
Dutch Junior Ch.

Mercurio Di San GimignanoMercurio Di San Gimignano
f: Multi Ch. Misty Meadow’s Dancing Master
m: Halley Di San Gimignano

Mercurio pedigree

Misty Meadow’s Dirty Dancing
born 5-10-2004
f: Multi Ch. Misty Meadow’s Dancing Master
m: Rosalago MM’s Latoya

Otti’s pedigree

Misty Meadow’s Johan Strauss
born 18-12-2004
f: Rosalago MM’s Leopoldo
m: Misty Meadow’s Danubioblu
Dutch Junior Ch.

Strauss pedigree