Breed Standard 1923

AKC Chihuahua Standard, 1923 Head- well rounded “apple-dome”, cheek and jaws lean, teeth level. Nose moderately short and black. And chocolate, coffee, seals, brown and mole self colored. Ears- large and thin, “rose” or “tulip” pointed, held erect, placed well back, flaring slightly to the side. Eyes- round and full, set well apart, black, dark, red or luminous. Neck- clean, not throaty, slightly arched, gracefully slopping into shoulders. Shoulders- sloping, lean, neither two narrowed nor two broad. Chest- neither narrow nor broad, with good depth of brisket. Back- level, gracefully slopping over hips to tail. Forelegs- straight, well placed under, fine pasterns, free play at the elbows, but not turned out, not leggy and not short, holding the shoulders well up, giving balance and soundness to the forequarters. Feet- very small, neither hare nor cat. Toes well split up, but not spread, pads well cushioned. Nails- moderately long. Hindquarters- muscular, hocks well apart, not out nor in, well let down, giving firm and sturdy action. Tail- Moderately long, upper portion meaty and break or kink is felt midway or near end, below which tale finishes to a rat end carried cycle or loop-fashioned. Born bob tails are common and not disqualifying. Coat- smooth, fine (glossy in dark shades), well placed over body and neck, more scanty on head and ears. Longhaired acceptable and compete in class with the smoothes. Color- all shades of fawn, gold, red or sand, most popular; cream, blue, white, black, silver, mole, chocolate and many shades of brown, marked or solid preferred to broken or ticked. Weight- two to six pounds. The more diminutive, the more desirable. General appearance- a graceful, alert, swift moving little dog with saucy expression, compact and tiny with terrier qualities. Disqualifications- broken or cropped ears or cropped tail. Copyright American Kennel Club

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